REAL FLAVOURS - "a masterwork"

2007 Special Jury Award: Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Shortlisted for 2006 Food Book of the Year: UK Guild of Food Writers

Real Flavours is an entirely rewritten and updated third edition of Glynn's Delicatessen Food Handbook, described by Nigel Slater as "one of the only ten books you need". With plenty of wit and anecdotes from a life spent travelling, cooking on BBC-TV, and writing for magazines and newspapers, Glynn's Real Flavours is a work of reference you'll end up reading like a novel. In his Introduction he says 'Ingredient knowledge means kitchen power, it means you know what goes with what and how to make something much more delicious in far less time.  Real Flavours even answers the questions you didn't know you should have asked.  It's the ingredient handbook that makes every other cookbook work'


'...elegantly written and opinionated...impossible to put down...effortlessly melds history with endless tips...As essential to the kitchen as a sharp knife.'  Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday

'Glynn Christian's Notting Hill deli was a pathfinder emporium for the nascent foodies of the 1970s, and he has distilled years of shoptalk as well as a lifetime of TV cheffing and world travel into this revised and rewritten guide to our larders.  It is impressive.  Think of a foodstuff and it will most likely be here, not with a recipe (there are few) but with useful and helpful facts and descriptions.  He is as enlightening on teas from five continents (a notoriously difficult subject to cover intelligently) as he is about stevia, "the next big thing", the near-magical plant-derived sweetener from Latin America.  Where he scores over other compendia is in having tasted and served these items over many a counter, as well as cooking, eating and remembering them from here to Timbuktu.  At every turn there is an essential hint, whether it be which butter is best for baking or how to cook this or that rice.  His broad approach, too, is exemplary, keeping diet-freaks, additive-crazies and the food-industrial complex at arm's length while suggesting ever-so-sensible rules for living and strategies for negotiating Tesco's evil aisles.'  Tom Jaine, The Guardian, Saturday Review, 6 May 2006

'a magnificent successor...fact-filled and fun to read', Phillipa Davenport - Financial Times

'This could be the only book you need', Fine Food Digest

'...his brilliant new book Real Flavours', Bee Wilson, The Sunday Telegraph

'reading avidly long after satisfying my first enquiry...compelling descriptive style...guaranteed to help you get the most out of your food as well as every cookbook you own.' Patrick Anthony, one of his top three books of the year, Eastern Daily Press

'...excellent...extensive and highly informative', Irish Independent

'...masterwork...broad in scope...elegantly written, amusing and engaging in style...a gift for story telling...witticisms are embedded like joke cluster bombs amid the authoritative detail...', Country Living

OLIVE included it in its Top 20 recommendations for Christmas 2005

'...impossible to read this extraordinary work without learning something new...a passionate look at the world of ingredients...', Helen Peacocke, The Oxford Times

' of the best ever compendiums of gourmet and deli foods...', Manchester Evening News

'a magisterial new version of his old classic...superbly researched...', Bill Knott, Grove

'Foodie bible...', Index Magazine

'Here's a reference book of the finest order...will be hugely appealing to food lovers not only for its well-researched information, but because the teller of the tale, New Zealander Glynn Christian is no gastronomic slouch.  He expresses himself precisely and effectively too, proffering an opinion on everything.  There are no shades of grey with Christian, as off he goes extolling or berating manufacturers and delivering well-informed humourous or cutting asides.  It's rare to find such a strong voice that is able to sustain authority and credibility, tempered by warmth and humility throughout a big book like this - but Christian does it, peppering the text with enough quirky stuff to lighten the load.  He delves into basic foods such as fats and sugars, breads and grains, chocolate, tea, coffee, herbs, vinegars, cheeses, eggs, fish and more, explaining the origins of ingredients, how they are used, how to store them, how to enjoy them.  He's big on enjoyment, urging us to eat less in quantity but more of delicious tasting foods as a way of satisfying our souls.  Sounds all right to me. Although you could curl up in bed with Real Flavours, it's a bulky 560 pages and an armchair may be more comfortable, a glass of wine within reach.  Take it in little bites and savour each mouthful.  There's plenty here to mul over or wind you up.', Cook's Books, Julie Biuso, January 2007

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