Glynn was a pioneer broadcaster with LBC Radio twice a week and a regular radio guest of Gloria Hunniford on Radio 2 as well as guesting on Woman's Hour and local stations throughout the UK.

Glynn was LBC's Man About Food from the station's earliest days until early 1983, broadcasting on Thursday with Bob Holness and Douglas Cameron on the LBC AM programme and on Saturday mornings.  LBC is where Glynn's Gosh Factors! were developed, the journalistic approach to broadcasting and writing about food he still uses.  Bob and Doug gave him plenty of time to talk about an ingredient and how it worked before giving an original recipe - or a well researched authentic recipe.

Audiences went up by 10% while he broadcast and requests for his recipes filled sackloads every week.  When Glynn introduced something brand new there were even reports of cars pulling over to stop while people wrote down details.   His LBC broadcast about pink peppercorns is perhaps the most famous of these occasions and still widely remembered for the sensation it created.