Christian - the name itself inspires romance and intrigue due to its immortality embedded forever in our minds thanks to the name of the famous - to some infamous - Fletcher Christian who led the 1789 mutiny on the Bounty - Glynn's great great great great grandfather.  It was this ancestor who inspired Glynn to research, travel, and write about Fletcher Christian and his "masterly story beautifully told" is delivered in his book Fragile ParadiseClick here to read more HMAV Bounty.   Click here to buy this book.  But this achievement is only one aspect of Glynn's sparkling career.  Best known in the UK as a BBC-TV cook-traveller and food journalist, Glynn Christian has been cooking on British television since 1982 - pioneering today's celebrity TV cooks and chefs.

In the early 60s he came from New Zealand where he was born and where he had written and produced radio and TV commercials.  Soon he was writing brochures for Clarksons, the holiday company that was the forerunner of today's back-to-back use of jet flights to offer cheap holidays abroad.  Decades before most food writers travelled he learned first hand that ingredient knowledge is more important than recipes.  By the early 70s he knew how the world's best ingredients were used on every shore of the Mediterranean, and how the same ingredients were used differently in the Caribbean or the South Pacific, in the Far East and in the USA.

I always seem to have been first - that's why I am not rich.   When I first cooked on BBC-TV I was twice threatened with being fired if I said there was a book of recipes based on the programme.  Not like that now . . .

In 1974 Glynn co-founded Mr Christian's, the iconic delicatessen still trading just off London's famous Portobello Road.  Using his unrivalled experience of gourmet and specialty foods just at the time Britain's interest in food was burgeoning, he packed its shelves and chillers with everything he thought a good cook would want. They groaned with everything good, often seen for the first time:  Mr Christian's helped introduce Loseley Park, New England and Justin de Blank's bread to London as well as being amongst the first non-ethnic deli to sell unpasteurised Brie, rosewater, fresh yeast - and dozens of types of salami.  The shop's great success led to a commission to write Cheese and Cheesemaking (MacDonald 1977) and Bread & Yeast Cookery (1978) both of which are still in print, and then to LBC Radio. . .

When BBC Breakfast-Time TV began in 1983, Glynn broadcast live from a sliced bread factory.  Ludovic Kennedy's review of this new departure thought Glynn was a "real find".  Glynn and his Gosh Factors were seen three times weekly, sometimes cooking, sometimes reporting on location about something newsworthy and regularly updating availability and costs of fresh ingredients on Friday mornings.

Glynn now guested regularly on prime time television and radio.  He wrote weekly for The Sunday Telegraph on food and travel and for many other well-known newspapers and magazines until 1995 when he went to Australasia.  In Australia he became Senior Presenter on TVSN the shopping channel and wrote for the Weekend Australian.  In 1999 he moved to New Zealand where he appeared on TVNZ and wrote weekly for the New Zealand Herald and its magazine Canvas.

As well as over 1,000 BBC-TV appearnaces, Glynn has written and presented series on fish cookery, microwave cookery and the history of afternoon tea, and has presented and written series made on location in New Zealand, the Eastern Mediterranean, California, Sri Lanka, China and Thailand.  He is currently seen as co-presenter of Tasting Australia, a 26 part series on the Living Channel UK.

Glynn is author of many books on food and cookery, the most recent, Real Flavours - the handbook of gourmet and deli ingredients being shortlisted for the 2006 Food Book fo the Year by the UK Guild of Food Writers.  The same book was also honoured with a Special Jury Award at the 2007 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.  Click here to read more about this book .   Click here to buy this book. 

After ten years in Australia and New Zealand, Glynn has now returned to the UK to work and live.  He has been pioneering the sale of specialist food on QVC UK, the TV Shopping Channel and he continues to write more books.  Perhaps the name of Christian which became embedded in history forever in 1789 is set to be remembered with equal fervour in the 21st century.